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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1916 Heartbleed bug still affects thousands of sites
Close to 200,000 websites and servers remain vulnerable to a nasty bug found in a widely-used encryption library, almost three years after the bug was first discovered.

At the time of the Shodan Report's release this week, a total of 199,594 servers were vulnerable to the bug, with more vulnerable servers in the US than any other country.

South Korea, China, Germany, and France followed behind.

At time of writing, the overall number had dropped to 192,069 vulnerable servers, according to Shodan's live search engine, which looks for and logs open, unsecured internet-connected databases and devices.
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#1917 Kaspersky Lab’s top investigator reportedly arrested in treason probe
#1916 Heartbleed bug still affects thousands of sites
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