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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#189 A Worldwide Survey of Encryption Products Report (PDF)
In 1999, a group of researchers from George Washington University attempted to survey the worldwide market for encryption products [HB+99]. The impetus for their survey was the ongoing debate about US encryption export controls. By collecting information about 805 hardware and software encryption products from 35 countries outside the US, the researchers showed that restricting the export of encryption products did nothing to reduce their availability around the world, while at the same time put
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#195 ISPs want “flexible” privacy rules that let them “innovate” with customer data
#194 Tribunal rules computer hacking by GCHQ is not illegal
#193 Big data privacy must be fixed before the revolution can begin
#192 Women may write better code, study finds
#191 Your smart, IoT toaster really will be spying on you for the government
#190 KillDisk and BlackEnergy Are Not Just Energy Sector Threats
#189 A Worldwide Survey of Encryption Products Report (PDF)
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