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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1864 Unsecure routers, webcams prompt feds to sue DLink
The Federal Trade Commission on Thursday sued Taiwan-based D-link in federal court. The FTC alleges that D-link routers and webcams left "thousands of consumers at risk" to hacking attacks.

"Defendants have failed to take reasonable steps to protect their routers and IP cameras from widely known and reasonably foreseeable risks of unauthorized access, including by failing to protect against flaws which the Open Web Application Security Project has ranked among the most critical and widespread web application vulnerabilities since at least 2007," the FTC said in a complaint (PDF) filed in San Francisco federal court.
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#1869 Credit card data and other information targeted in Netflix phishing campaign
#1868 Android banking Trojan malware disguises itself as Super Mario Run
#1867 Google plugs severe Android vulnerability that exposed devices to spying
#1866 The official Tor browser for iOS is free to use
#1865 This ransomware scheme is targeting schools, colleges and head teachers, warn police
#1864 Unsecure routers, webcams prompt feds to sue DLink
#1863 MongoDB attacks jump from hundreds to 28,000 in just days
#1862 Experts warn of novel PDF-based phishing scam
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