Security Alerts & News
by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1823 Strong protection for MacOS Sierra: 12 packages put to the test
Every MacOS Sierra user can fortify their system protection with a good security solution. While Apple does provide good proprietary system protection for MacOS Sierra, infections do occur consistently. Many of the 12 packages currently tested offer good protection and put hardly any load on the Mac. Some of them are even available as freeware.

Even if there are far fewer malware samples out there for MacOS Sierra than for windows, this does not make them any less dangerous. Too often, the danger of a successful malware attack is played down and described as improbable. But when it does happen, it wreaks total havoc. One of the improbable cases involving hundreds of thousands of hijacked Macs was in fact called Flashback. There continue to be malware programs with a valid Apple certificate, in which case they are not stopped by the protection integrated in MacOS Sierra.
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#1823 Strong protection for MacOS Sierra: 12 packages put to the test
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