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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1822 Cyber criminal jailed for five years for his part in £840k fraud
A 29-year-old cyber criminal has been jailed following an investigation by the Metropolitan Police’s Falcon Cyber Crime Unit. Detectives identified the man as being a key player in an organised criminal network that was illegally accessing online bank accounts around the world to steal around £840,000 from victims.

Tomasz Skowron (10.09.87) of Meredith Road, Worthing was sentenced on Monday, 19 December at Croydon Crown Court to five years and three months’ imprisonment after he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud, fraud and money laundering offences.

Skowron was linked to a major online banking fraud after detectives from the Met’s Falcon (Fraud and linked crime online) Cyber Crime Unit identified that he was responsible for several fraudulent payments into money mule accounts, and that several thousand pounds had also been paid directly into accounts under his control.

In December 2014, a malware virus infected computers and victims around the world, with several victims and companies in Australia being affected. From intelligence received from the banking industry, officers identified several fraudulent payments had been made from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia into UK bank accounts. Working closely with the banks involved, officers managed to identify a common IP address that was linked to several of the payments made into UK accounts.
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#1822 Cyber criminal jailed for five years for his part in £840k fraud
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