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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1811 Mobile ransomware: How to protect against it
In our previous post, we looked at how malware can lock devices, as well as the scare tactics used to convince victims to pay the ransom. Now that we know what bad guys can do, we’ll discuss the detection and mitigation techniques that security vendors can use to stop them. By sharing these details with other researchers, we hope to improve the industry’s collective knowledge on mobile ransomware mitigation.
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#1812 0-days hitting Fedora and Ubuntu open desktops to a world of hurt
#1811 Mobile ransomware: How to protect against it
#1810 This $300 device lets you steal a Mac encryption password in 30 seconds
#1809 Hit by ransomware? No More Ransom portal adds 32 more free decryption tools to help you
#1808 Bye, privacy: Evernote will let its employees read your notes
#1807 DNSChanger exploit kit hijacks routers, not browsers
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