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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1752 900,000 Germans knocked offline, as critical router flaw exploited
As many as 900,000 Deutsche Telekom customers were knocked offline on Sunday and Monday as an attempt was made to hijack broadband routers into a botnet.

Malicious hackers are commandeering vulnerable Zyxel and Speedport routers, commandeering them into a botnet which they can command to launch huge denial-of-service attacks against websites. The vulnerability exploits the TR-069 and TR-064 protocols, which are used by ISPs to manage hundreds of thousands of internet devices remotely.

In this particular case, an attack was able to fool the vulnerable routers into downloading and executing malicious code, with the intention of crashing or exploiting them. Compromised routers could then be commanded to change their DNS settings, steal Wi-Fi credentials, or bombard websites with unwanted traffic.
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#1752 900,000 Germans knocked offline, as critical router flaw exploited
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