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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1739 Siemens-branded CCTV webcams require urgent firmware patch
Siemens-branded IP-based CCTV cameras are the latest internet-connected devices to be found vulnerable to hacking attacks.

In this particular instance, according to a security advisory issued by Siemens, the vulnerability – known as CVE-2016-9155 – could be remotely exploited by malicious attackers to trick CCTV cameras into revealing admin passwords:

"The latest update for SIEMENS-branded IP-based CCTV cameras fixes a vulnerability that could allow a remote attacker to obtain administrative credentials from the integrated web server."

Until patches can be applied, restricting access to the integrated web server with appropriate mechanisms is recommended
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#1739 Siemens-branded CCTV webcams require urgent firmware patch
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