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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1688 Clever Gmail hack let attackers take over accounts
Google patched a hole in its Gmail verification system last week that allowed an attacker to hijack a targeted Google Gmail account.

The discovery was made by Ahmed Mehtab, a security researcher and founder of Security Fuse. The hack is simple to execute and requires less than dozen steps to pull off.

The hack exploits an authentication or verification bypass vulnerability in a Gmail feature that allows you to send email from a second Gmail account. Mehtab said the attack is “similar to account takeover but here I — as an attacker — can hijack email addresses by confirming the ownership of email (account).” Exploiting the hack, an attacker can send email as if it was being sent from the compromised account. In addition, the attacker could have email forwarded to the compromised Gmail address.
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#1688 Clever Gmail hack let attackers take over accounts
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