Security Alerts & News
by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#161 NCR: Network cable card skimming attacks in the US
NCR has received reliable reports of NCR and Diebold ATMs being attacked through the use of external skimming devices. These devices are plugged into the ATM network cables and intercept customer card data. Additional devices are attached to the ATM to capture the PIN. A keyboard overlay was used to attack an NCR ATM, a concealed camera was used on the Diebold ATM. PIN data is then likely transmitted wirelessly to the skimming device.
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#165 Symantec: Cybercriminals target social networks to do their dirty work
#164 Windows 10 updates finally get some release notes
#163 Huge number of Apple Mac apps vulnerable to hijacking, and a fix is elusive
#162 Google AdWords display ads going all-HTML, will ban Flash in 2017
#161 NCR: Network cable card skimming attacks in the US
#159 Poseidon APT Group identified as first portuguese-speaking campaign
#158 Check your Google security and get 2 free GBs of Google Drive for free
#157 Java “RAT-as-a-Service” backdoor openly sold through website to scammers
#156 Hack on DoJ and DHS downplayed
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