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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1601 5900 online stores found skimming [analysis]
Online skimming is just like physical skimming: your card details are stolen so that other people can spend your money. However, online skimming is more effective because a) it is harder to detect and b) it is near impossible to trace the thieves.

In short: hackers gain access to a store’s source code using unpatched software flaws in various popular e-commerce software. Once a store is under control of a perpetrator, a (Javascript) wiretap is installed that funnels live payment data to an off-shore collection server (mostly in Russia). This wiretap operates transparently for customers and the merchant. Skimmed credit cards are then sold on the dark web for the going rate of $30 per card .
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#1601 5900 online stores found skimming [analysis]
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