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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1540 These ten cities are home to the biggest botnets
According to new data from cybersecurity researchers at Symantec, Turkey plays host to the highest botnet population in EMEA, with its most populous urban centre of Istanbul and capital city Ankara containing the highest and second highest number of botnet controlled devices in EMEA.

Behind Turkey, Italy ranks as the second-most bot-populated country, with Hungary third. That pattern is also reflected in the ranking of cities with the highest bot population with Italian capital Rome in third, followed by the Hungarian cities of Budapest and Szeged in fourth and fifth, according to the research from Norton by Symantec.

These parts of the world are an attractive target for hackers because they're markets and cities which have recently seen a huge increase in high-speed internet and connected devices but where security awareness may be lagging.
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#1540 These ten cities are home to the biggest botnets
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