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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1513 Sofacy APT targeting OSX machines with Komplex trojan
The prolific APT gang allegedly behind the DNC hack and other targeted attacks against Western military and political targets is using a new Trojan called Komplex to infect OS X machines used in the aerospace industry.

The gang, known as Sofacy, APT28, Fancy Bear, Sednit and Pawn Storm, is spreading the malware via phishing emails promising insight into the future of Russia’s space program, researchers at Palo Alto Networks said on Monday.

“Apple does a great job at defending OS X. The only thing being exploited here is the user. But it’s important to remember, people are still a target no matter what OS you use,” said Ryan Olson, intelligence director at Unit 42 of Palo Alto Networks.
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#1513 Sofacy APT targeting OSX machines with Komplex trojan
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