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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1487 Mamba ransomware encrypts hard drives rather than files
Just when we thought ransomware’s evolution had peaked, a new strain has been discovered that forgoes the encryption of individual files, and instead encrypts a machine’s hard drive.

The malware, called Mamba, has been found on machines in Brazil, the United States and India, according to researchers at Morphus Labs in Brazil. It was discovered by the company in response to an infection at a customer in the energy sector in Brazil with subsidiaries in the U.S. and India.

Renato Marinho, a researcher with Morphus Labs, told Threatpost that the ransomware is likely being spread via phishing emails. Once it infects a machine, it overwrites the existing Master Boot Record with a custom MBR, and from there, encrypts the hard drive.
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#1487 Mamba ransomware encrypts hard drives rather than files
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