Security Alerts & News
by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#145 Neutrino Exploit Kit Not Responding – Bug or Feature?
Exploit kits often employ measures to keep security researchers and other unwanted visitors away from their servers, but most of the time these measures are handled on the HTTP level- with web servers redirecting you away or returning fake error codes; implementing this logic on a TCP level as Neutrino did is a fairly smart move on their part: generally speaking when a server doesn't respond to you at all you tend to assume that it's down.
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#155 Clever bank hack allowed crooks to make unlimited ATM withdrawals
#154 Dyre: Operations of bank fraud group grind to halt following takedown
#153 T9000 malware records Skype calls, screenshots and text messages to steal data
#152 ADWIND a cross-platform rat - malware (PDF report)
#151 Barclays Bank joins Interpol cyber-crime fighting centre
#150 UK-US deal would allow MI5 to get chat, mails directly from US companies
#149 Metel bank robbers borrowing from APT attacks
#148 Oracle patched bug that could result in 'complete compromise' of Windows
#147 Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit 2016: The Live Blog
#146 Cisco 2016 Annual Security Report
#145 Neutrino Exploit Kit Not Responding – Bug or Feature?
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