Security Alerts & News
by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#144 Dridex malware exploit distributes Avira installer—hack suspected
Avira researchers still don't know how the mixup happened, but their chief theory is that a whitehat hacker compromised some of the Dridex distribution channels and replaced the normal malicious executables with a digitally signed Avira installer. As a result, when targets opened attachments contained in spam e-mails sent by Dridex servers, the would-be marks were instead prompted to run a program designed to protect computers from the very likes of the Dridex threat.
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#144 Dridex malware exploit distributes Avira installer—hack suspected
#143 Scareware campaign targets Apple Mac OS X machines
#142 Dell's cloud BIOS security checks your PC is malware free as it boots
#141 PayPal blocks VPN, SmartDNS provider’s payments over copyright concerns
#140 Kaspersky Security Bulletin. Spam and phishing in 2015
#139 Netgear Management System Vulnerable to RCE, Path Traversal Attacks
#138 Apple iPhone, iPad at risk of new lock screen passcode bypass flaw
#137 Fake Adobe Flash Update OS X Malware
#136 Motorola Security Cam with flaws that let attackers hack video and network
#135 Mysterious spike in WordPress hacks silently delivers ransomware to visitors
#134 Europe’s top court mulls legality of hyperlinks to copyrighted content
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