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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1427 Hackers “find Twitter exploit” and resurrect banned accounts
This should be a Halloween tale: Twitter accounts long dead and buried have been resurrected by a Frankenstein-like bunch of hackers.

We don’t know where they got the jolt of lightning to make these things burst from the grave, but as Business Insider reports, a hacking group calling itself Spain Squad allegedly seized Twitter accounts including @Hell, @Hitler, @Nazi, @ak47, and @1337: many of which had been previously suspended, while others had been inactive for quite some time.

The @Ziter account, claiming affiliation with Spain Squad, on Friday was offering a slew of accounts for sale, including those above as well as @botnet, @darknet, @LizardSquad, and @bypass.

As of Monday morning, Twitter hadn’t commented, though it had reburied the zombie accounts, suspending them yet again.
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#1427 Hackers “find Twitter exploit” and resurrect banned accounts
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