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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1423 Pokémon-themed umbreon Linux rootkit hits x86, ARM systems
The Trend Micro Forward Looking Threat Research team recently obtained samples of a new rootkit family from one of our trusted partners. We are providing a detailed analysis of the rootkit, and also making the samples available to the industry to help others block this threat.

This rootkit family called Umbreon (sharing the same name as the Pokémon) targets Linux systems, including systems running both Intel and ARM processors, expanding the scope of this threat to include embedded devices as well. (An aside: the rootkit does appear to be named after the Pokémon of the same name. This Pokémon is known for hiding in the night, which is an appropriate characteristic for a rootkit.) We detect Umbreon under the ELF_UMBREON family.
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#1423 Pokémon-themed umbreon Linux rootkit hits x86, ARM systems
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