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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1410 TorrentLocker: Crypto-ransomware still active, using same tactics
In December 2014, ESET released a white paper about TorrentLocker, a crypto-ransomware family spreading, via spam, email messages that impersonated local postal service, energy or telecom companies. The paper described its distribution scheme, its core functionalities, its network protocol and exposed some similarities with the Hesperbot banking trojan.

During the last few months, we decided to take a look at new samples to check the current state of this malware family. This article summarizes the results of our analysis and compares the 2016 campaigns against our research from late 2014.
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#1412 This data-stealing Trojan is the first to also infect you with ransomware
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#1410 TorrentLocker: Crypto-ransomware still active, using same tactics
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