Security Alerts & News
by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1400 Fairware attacks targeting Linux servers
Linux server admins are reporting attacks resulting in the disappearance of the server’s web folder and websites being down indefinitely.

Posts to the forums on the BleepingComputer website corroborate a number of such attacks, most likely intrusions powered by brute-force attacks against SSH, according to one of the victims. In each instance, the web folder is deleted and a read_me file is left behind containing a link to a Pastebin page hosting a ransom note. The note demands two Bitcoin in exchange for the safe return of the files.
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#1402 New version of Cerber ransomware distributed via malvertising
#1401 Dropbox hackers stole e-mail addresses, hashed passwords from 68M accounts
#1400 Fairware attacks targeting Linux servers
#1399 So much for counter-phishing training: Half of people click anything sent to them
#1398 Thousands of security threats happen every five minutes: Trend Micro VP
#1397 SWIFT warns banks of more cyberattacks
#1396 Chrome 53 fixes address spoofing vulnerability and 32 other bugs
#1395 Hackers stole over 43 million accounts in 2012 breach
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