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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1338 Hancitor downloader shifts attack strategy
Researchers said a new variant of the Hancitor downloader has shifted tactics and adopted new dropper strategies and obfuscation techniques on infected PCs. Researchers at Palo Alto Networks are currently tracking the biggest push of the Hancitor family of malware since June that it says has shifted away from H1N1 downloader and now distributes the Pony and Vawtrak executables.

The variant uses native API calls within Visual Basic code to carve out and decrypt embedded malware from malicious Word documents.

“Lures were expected, until we started digging into the actual documents attached and saw an interesting method within the Visual Basic macros in the attached documents used for dropping the malware,” wrote Jeff White, senior threat researcher at Palo Alto Networks, in a report.
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#1338 Hancitor downloader shifts attack strategy
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