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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1329 Google hopes to sniff out OSX badware
Google's Macintosh Operations Team has quietly been working on a whitelisting application for OS X .

Code-named Santa, the software (currently described as pre-1.0) has an SQLite database holding a list of permitted and blocked applications; a userland daemon to check the database; a kernel extension to monitor for executions; as well as a GUI and an admin command line interface (CLI).

The Chocolate Factory has both individual and fleet users in mind, since Santa's designed to let a sysadmin centrally manage a single naughty-nice database.

To try and avoid an attacker substituting any of Santa's components, the three userland components (daemon, CLI and GUI) validate each other with XPC, checking that they're using identical signing certificates.
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#1329 Google hopes to sniff out OSX badware
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