Security Alerts & News
by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1311 Now data-stealing Marcher Android malware is posing as security update
The notorious Marcher malware is now disguising itself as an Android firmware update, in another demonstration of how cybercriminal tactics are constantly evolving in order to dupe unsuspecting users into installing malicious software.

The Marcher malware has been around since March 2013, and was previously distributed through fake Amazon and Google Play store apps. Once Marcher is installed on an Android device -- it hasn't appeared on any other operating system -- cybercriminals send the victim an alert to log-in to their banking apps, allowing the crooks to make off with the stolen information.
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#1319 Google Chrome, Firefox address bar spoofing vulnerability
#1318 Sage data breach may impact hundreds of business customers
#1317 Privacy lawsuit over Gmail will move forward
#1316 Operation Ghoul: targeted attacks on industrial and engineering organizations
#1315 $2.5 million-a-year ransomware-as-a-service ring uncovered
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#1313 Easy to carry out, difficult to fight against: Why ransomware is booming in 2016
#1312 LinkedIn sues 100 individuals for scraping user data from the site
#1311 Now data-stealing Marcher Android malware is posing as security update
#1310 VeraCrypt audit under way; email mystery cleared up
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