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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1266 This ATM hack could allow thieves to make off with thousands
A security vulnerability in the newest generation of ATMs can be exploited to make them distribute tens of thousands in cash, despite the chip and PIN systems designed to prevent hackers from carrying out exactly this sort of activity.

Speaking at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, Weston Hecker, a senior security consultant at cybersecurity firm Rapid7 demonstrated how the bypass could allow criminals to make off with up to $50,000 from a machine in under 15 minutes.

Researchers have previously warned our old ATMs are an easy target for cybercriminals, but this new warning appears to demonstrate that even the latest machines are vulnerable.

The technique -- achieved with a $2,000 kit -- sees criminals alter a point-of-sale machine by adding a device which is placed in the gap between where the ATM user's card chip will be and the roof of the area where the card is inserted.
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#1266 This ATM hack could allow thieves to make off with thousands
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