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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1259 Researchers go inside a business email compromise scam
LAS VEGAS – Poor operational security on the part of Nigerian scammers running a Business Email Compromise (BEC) scheme has given researchers a window into their operations.

Dell SecureWorks today published a report at Black Hat USA 2016 on what the criminals involved call wire-wire, or “waya-waya.” These attackers aren’t particularly sophisticated malware coders, for example, but the operation is adept at targeting executives in certain industries with phishing attacks that ultimately lead to fraudulent wire transfers, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars being lost. Manufacturing firms, chemical operations and other high-value organizations have been targeted by these campaigns that go much deeper than simply spoofing emails ordering confirming wire transfers.

The attackers behind these scams are using malware to attack email servers and sit man-in-the-middle style intercepting and redirecting messages in order to score a big pay day.
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#1259 Researchers go inside a business email compromise scam
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