Security Alerts & News
by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#125 Chromodo browser disables same-origin policy
Google researcher Tavis Ormandy has disclosed that the Chromodo browser installed with Comodo Internet Security disables the same-origin policy by default. The same-origin policy is a fundamental tenet of web security, ensuring that scripts access data from a second webpage only if the two pages have the same origin.
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#125 Chromodo browser disables same-origin policy
#124 eBay has no plans to fix “severe” bug that allows malware distribution
#123 WordPress update fixes SSRF, open redirect vulnerability
#122 Oracle expands UK cloud data center
#121 ENISA Threat Landscape 2015
#120 Google lays bare security flaws in Malwarebytes (250 million users)
#119 eBay vulnerability exposes users to phishing, data theft
#118 New tool: Microsoft Policy Analyzer
#117 From Linux to Windows, new family of x-platform desktop backdoor discovered
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