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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1226 KeySniffer – here’s what you need to know
A few months ago, US startup Bastille Networks announced research that showed how some wireless computer mice could be hacked by intercepting and manipulating the signals between the devices and your computer.

Now, Bastille has focused its efforts on wireless keyboards, and found that the situation was, well, worse.

Last time, they dubbed their attack Mousejacking. They’re branding this one KeySniffer.

Similar to Bastille’s previous Bug With An Impressive Name (or BWAINs, as we call them), keyboards that have the KeySniffer vulnerability transmit information unencrypted.

This means all keystrokes sent are in plaintext and can be easily read and recorded by anyone with the right eavesdropping hardware.
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#1226 KeySniffer – here’s what you need to know
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