Security Alerts & News
by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1180 SoakSoak botnet pushing neutrino exploit kit and CryptXXX ransomware
Researchers are reporting a surge in CryptXXX ransomware infections delivered via business websites compromised to redirect to the Neutrino Exploit Kit. Attackers are targeting websites running the Revslider slideshow plugin for WordPress, according to a report released Tuesday by Invincea.

Behind the attacks, said Pat Belcher, director of security research at Invincea, is the SoakSoak botnet, active since 2014 and known for its automated ability to scan websites for vulnerabilities.

“We are seeing a surge in these type of attacks targeting slideshow and video components on popular websites,” Belcher said.
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#1180 SoakSoak botnet pushing neutrino exploit kit and CryptXXX ransomware
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