Security Alerts & News
by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#118 New tool: Microsoft Policy Analyzer
Policy Analyzer is a utility for analyzing and comparing sets of Group Policy Objects (GPOs). It can highlight when a set of Group Policies has redundant settings or internal inconsistencies, and can highlight the differences between versions or sets of Group Policies. It can also compare GPOs against current local policy settings and against local registry settings. And you can export its findings to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
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#125 Chromodo browser disables same-origin policy
#124 eBay has no plans to fix “severe” bug that allows malware distribution
#123 WordPress update fixes SSRF, open redirect vulnerability
#122 Oracle expands UK cloud data center
#121 ENISA Threat Landscape 2015
#120 Google lays bare security flaws in Malwarebytes (250 million users)
#119 eBay vulnerability exposes users to phishing, data theft
#118 New tool: Microsoft Policy Analyzer
#117 From Linux to Windows, new family of x-platform desktop backdoor discovered
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