Security Alerts & News
by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#115 URLZone Back, Targeting Banks in Japan
After a good two to three years of relative silence, the gang behind the banking Trojan URLZone has become more active over the past few months and taken aim at banks across Europe and beginning last month, Japan.
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#116 Crypto flaw was so glaring it may be intentional eavesdropping backdoor
#115 URLZone Back, Targeting Banks in Japan
#114 UK radio disturbance caused by satellite network bug
#113 Google doubles Cloud Compute local SSD capacity: Now it's 3TB per VM
#112 $500 zero-day ransomware attack takes Lincolnshire council offline for nearly a week
#111 Android security: Google kills remote hacker bug, patches seven critical flaws
#110 Critical WiFi Flaw Patched on Android
#109 Microsoft’s new way of cooling its data centers: Throw them in the sea
#108 Nokia shows off 8Gbps over 50m copper runs in Germany
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