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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1094 Google fixes high-risk Android vulnerabilities in July update
Google is rolling out patches for Android in the July security bulletin, which contains dozens of security fixes for weaknesses in the Android system, many of which are deemed critical.

With a slight delay due to Independence Day weekend, Google released the latest security advisory on Wednesday for the Android mobile operating system. It affects Google's Nexus product range and any handset or tablet based on Android.

The most severe issue patched is a set of critical flaws in Mediaserver, which could enable remote code execution on a vulnerable device through different methods, including fraudulent emails, phishing campaigns, web browser injections, and MMS when processing media files.

Google has also patched remote code execution flaws discovered within OpenSSL, BoringSSL, and Bluetooth protocols.
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#1094 Google fixes high-risk Android vulnerabilities in July update
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