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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1089 Symantec: Latest Intelligence for June 2016
The Latest Intelligence page has been refreshed through June 2016, providing the most up-to-date analysis of cybersecurity threats, trends, and insights concerning malware, spam, and other potentially harmful business risks. Here are some key takeaways from this latest batch of intelligence.

This month the Angler toolkit dropped nearly 30 percentage points in June, making up 22.7 percent of all toolkit activity. The toolkit hasn't disappeared completely, but by the end of June activity was 16 times lower than its peak in May.

Meanwhile the Neutrino toolkit increased almost 10 percentage points in June. This toolkit was particularly active in the later part of the month, around the same time Angler saw its deepest decline. This decline in Angler activity follows the disappearance of the Nuclear and Spartan toolkits from our top five list over the past two months, along with a lull in activity from a number of threat groups.

Manual Sharing continues to dominate social media scams, increasing more than 20 percentage points. Fake Offers decreased in June, down from 25.68 percent in May to 12.17 percent in June.
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#1089 Symantec: Latest Intelligence for June 2016
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