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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1083 EasyDoc malware adds Tor backdoor to Macs for botnet control
Security firm Bitdefender has issued an alert about a malicious app that hands over control of Macs to criminals via Tor.

The software, called EasyDoc, is supposed to be a file converter but doesn't do its advertised functions. Instead it drops complex malware onto the system that subverts the security of the system, allowing it to be used as part of a botnet or to spy on the owner.

"This type of malware is particularly dangerous as it's hard to detect and offers the attacker full control of the compromised system," said Tiberius Axinte, Technical Leader, Bitdefender Antimalware Lab.

"For instance, someone can lock you out of your laptop, threaten to blackmail you to restore your private files or transform your laptop into a botnet to attack other devices. The possibilities are endless."
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#1083 EasyDoc malware adds Tor backdoor to Macs for botnet control
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