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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1081 An increase of sophisticated phishing attacks in Sweden
Whilst sitting and working in the South African office I receive an email from my Swedish ISP. I quickly look at it and there is something that doesn’t add up. The email states that I need to pay my invoice, but I never receive electronic invoices from this company.

Like everyone else I receive a lot of spam and phishing emails, but this one is different from any other phishing email I have ever seen before. To be honest, it’s probably the most sophisticated phishing campaign that I’ve ever encountered. It’s not the technical setup that makes it sophisticated it is a very simple factor that has been added to the email that just makes the email look very authentic.

The phishing campaign has the usual mistakes, the sender of the email is not related to the company, and the domains used in the links don’t point to a domain that is registered by the ISP.
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#1081 An increase of sophisticated phishing attacks in Sweden
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