Security Alerts & News
by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#108 Nokia shows off 8Gbps over 50m copper runs in Germany
Nokia has partnered with Deutsche Telekom to demonstrate that its latest XG-Fast technology is capable of delivering 11Gbps over a 50-metre run on two bonded pairs of Category 6 cable under laboratory conditions. Using a standard drop cable, Nokia said XG-Fast is capable of aggregate rate in excess of 8Gbps on 50-metre runs.
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#116 Crypto flaw was so glaring it may be intentional eavesdropping backdoor
#115 URLZone Back, Targeting Banks in Japan
#114 UK radio disturbance caused by satellite network bug
#113 Google doubles Cloud Compute local SSD capacity: Now it's 3TB per VM
#112 $500 zero-day ransomware attack takes Lincolnshire council offline for nearly a week
#111 Android security: Google kills remote hacker bug, patches seven critical flaws
#110 Critical WiFi Flaw Patched on Android
#109 Microsoft’s new way of cooling its data centers: Throw them in the sea
#108 Nokia shows off 8Gbps over 50m copper runs in Germany
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