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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1067 MIT's Swarm chip architecture boosts multi-core CPUs
For nearly 10 years, computer processors have been getting faster by using multiple cores rather than raising their individual speeds. This measure makes our PCs and smartphones more power-efficient, but also makes it much trickier to write programs that take full advantage of their hardware. Swarm, a new chip design developed at MIT, could now come to the rescue and unleash the full power of parallel processing for up to 75-fold speedups, while requiring programmers to write a fraction of the code.

Developed by Prof. Daniel Sanchez and team, Swarm is a 64-core chip that includes specialized circuitry for both executing and prioritizing tasks in a simple and efficient manner, taking the onus off software developers.

Writing software for a multi-core chip is a lot like coordinating a complex team project: not all tasks can be delegated, and the ones that can must be carefully split among team members. With software, this sort of planning can be complicated, time-consuming, and add substantial overheads that end up slowing the software's execution. For this reason, parallel programming is usually convenient only for large tasks that number thousands of instructions.
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#1067 MIT's Swarm chip architecture boosts multi-core CPUs
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