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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1052 Brazilians migrate from WhatsApp to Telegram, cybercriminals follow suit
Staple product offerings like online banking Trojans and tutorials for aspiring cybercriminals are still being peddled in the Brazilian underground market. While old crimeware remain the same, we observed that these young and brazen cybercriminals (two words that aptly describe the Brazilian cybercriminals of today), have switched communication platforms. After the temporary shutdown on WhatsApp last December, cybercriminals changed messaging tools to avoid unwanted attention from law enforcement agencies. Although this shift may be coincidental, the secure messaging features of Telegram, a cloud-based messenger similar to WhatsApp, may make it ripe for abuse.

Brazilian courts required WhatsApp to provide information in relation to criminal investigations at the end of 2015. A court order was issued to telecom providers to block access to WhatsApp, due to failure to abide, forcing users (including cybercriminals) to look for new means to communicate with others. Prior to enforcing the order, WhatsApp had 93 million users in Brazil. This has since dwindled when users moved to Telegram.
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#1052 Brazilians migrate from WhatsApp to Telegram, cybercriminals follow suit
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