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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1049 LizardStresser IoT botnet part of 400Gbps DDoS attacks
LizardStresser, a distributed denial of service botnet, has found new life leveraging hundreds of internet-based webcams in attacks against Brazilian-based banks, government agencies as well as a handful of U.S.-based gaming companies.

Researchers at the Arbor’s Security Engineering and Response Team (ASERT) say publicly released source code of the LizardStresser botnet in 2015, by the Lizard Squad DDoS group, is behind the attacks. In a report released this week, ASERT says an unknown group of cybercriminals are running this latest iteration of the LizardStresser botnet via approximately 100 command-and-control servers, manipulating about 1,300 webcams and launching attacks as large as 400Gbps.

It’s unclear whose webcams are being hijacked in the attacks, but researchers say the cams that are part of this LizardStresser botnet are running either the x86, ARM or MIPS CPU architecture – all commonly used on embedded IoT devices.
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#1049 LizardStresser IoT botnet part of 400Gbps DDoS attacks
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