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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1030 New exploits target hospital devices, places patients at risk
It is not just the enterprise, banks and individuals that are targeted by cybercriminals looking to cash in on data and rinse bank accounts.

Things have taken a more sinister turn with the introduction -- and evolution -- of attacks specifically designed to compromise medical devices, which places both patient health and information at serious risk.

A new report released by security firm TrapX on Monday highlights how this trend is becoming more and more serious, and healthcare organizations must sit up and take note of these emerging threats before it is too late.

We've already seen ransomware attacks levied against hospitals this year which have successfully disrupted critical services and taken down full systems, with some hospitals giving in and paying a ransom to resume operating.

This kind of malware, although often heartbreaking for victims and capable of immense disruption, is not in the same ballpark as other attacks which are striking hospitals for the purpose of tampering with devices and data.
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#1030 New exploits target hospital devices, places patients at risk
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