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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1026 hints at gag order after VPN node withdrawn from warrant canary
The Seychelles-based VPN provider has withdrawn an exit node from its warrant canary—a statement certifying that "to the date of publication, no warrants, searches, or seizures that have not been reported in our Transparency Report, have actually taken place."

The blog post in question simply states: "We would like to inform our users that we do not wish any longer to mention France 8 ( in our warrant canary until further notice." The statement implies that the France 8 node has been subject to a warrant, but that a gag order forbids from revealing that fact directly. It is not clear who served the warrant, and for obvious reasons, is unable to say.

However, the TorrentFreak site obtained the following comment from "We recommend our users to no longer connect to it. We are striving to do whatever it takes to include that node into our warrant canary again." went on to say: "The warrant canary has been particularly designed to make sure we could still move without being legally able to answer questions in a more detailed manner. We are happy to see it put to use after all and that our users are made aware of it."
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#1026 hints at gag order after VPN node withdrawn from warrant canary
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