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by Tymoteusz A. Góral

#1003 Let’s Encrypt celebrates big HTTPS milestone
Certificate authority Let’s Encrypt is celebrating a major milestone in the young nonprofit’s existence issuing its 5 millionth certificate this month. Let’s Encrypt launched to the general public just seven months ago.

“Our goal is to get the entire web 100 percent HTTPS,” said Josh Aas, executive director for the Internet Security Research Group, the nonprofit that helped launch Let’s Encrypt. “By adding 5 million certificates, representing 7 million unique domains, we are now within reach of encrypting 50 percent of all internet traffic,” Aas said in an interview with Threatpost.

In December 2015, according to data culled from Firefox telemetry, roughly 39.5 percent of Firefox browser page loads were protected by HTTPS connections. Today the number is 45 percent.
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#1003 Let’s Encrypt celebrates big HTTPS milestone
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